Lisa Robinson

I grew up on ranches, my dad cowboyed & shod a lot of horses on the side. When I hit my teens, he took to full-time horshoeing and I partnered up with him. That was more' 30 years ago!!
I  stayed in ranching/cowboying and, yeah, horseshoeing, with my husband once married (27 years since!)


I've recently retired from shoeing horses for the public, and 4 years ago went to school to build hats. It's been a good decision! Now I enjoy the hat business and day work as much as I can!
So I'm just getting started, but having lived under a hat for more'n 40+ years and knowing what the working cowboy puts one through, I think I've found my niche! I'm not a "Master Hatter" YET, but it's a definite focus in this upcoming chapter in my life!


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