Victoria Adams: Nouveau Wild West

I’ve been producing some sort of art or hand made goods since I can remember, my folks handed me boxes of tools and supplies during extended camping trips, no toys were allowed, unless I managed to sneak a doll into my pocket as we left home for the great out of doors. My older sister received the same treatment. We did not shop, we built, so it went with my family.

During the late 1970’s I apprenticed with Bill Burke, a jeweler in Mill Valley California, for over four years. Our work was all about fine jewelry making using gold, diamonds etc. During that time I attended the Revere Academy in San Francisco and began learning how to hand engrave silver in the classic floral ornamental style we see on western saddle leather, silver, bits, spurs, and buckles.  

My mentors and teachers include the late great Dan Murray, Duane Maktima, Jesse Monongya, Alan Revere, Ed Fields, Bill Burke, Yell Newman, the list can go on, and on.

My personal style of design can, and does, range from what I consider Nouveau Wild West, to Cheyennes on Mars. I am an enrolled member of the Southern Cheyenne/ Arapaho tribe of Oklahoma, I grew up in California near Stanford University, though I left home at an early age for the wider world.

To create and produce art and goods which I deem as worthy, beautiful, and valuable, well that is just who I am. What I’m designing and making today is a culmination of all my experiences to date, expressed in one form or another from my own mind, heart and hands.

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