Bill Reynolds: Golden Age Silver

Way back in 1989, I started Old Cowdogs to design and create western silver that had its roots in classic cowboy 1930’s design along with a sense whimsy that would allow our personal jewelry and buckles to be worn in any setting. At home on the range or in the Range Rover. At the time, I was in the advertising business, serving many customers and companies in the western industry and it gave me a unique perspective on the cycles and influences that helped create the continued growth of this unique, root-based style - even after the explosion in awareness that occurred after John Travolta rode the bull in “Urban Cowboy.” I could go on and on – but lucky for you, I won’t.

This year’s Fusion show offers – as usual – some unique limits while opening new doors to try things. I love that. Nevada, I have decided, will ultimately take over the world.

The hat decoration we are making is a direct homage to the golden age of high-cantle board Visalia Supreme saddles of the mid to late 1920s. We are interpreting this wonderful cowgirl looking at the full moon which appeared are one of two saddles made for Caroline Spaulding and her daughter, Debra Spaulding by patriarch Silsby Spaulding, owner of the Tecolote Ranch in Santa Barbara and former mayor of Beverly Hills.. It celebrates a wonderful period in western saddle making and western style that was so heavily influenced by the cowboy motion pictures of the era. There’s a lot more to this story.

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