Matt Litz


I was lucky enough to be raised in west Texas most of my life giving me the opportunity to be around the lifestyle I love so much.  Farming and ranching is a way of life like no other.  Learning how to fix equipment and problem solve is just a couple skills that I have brought into my silversmithing carrier.  I always wanted the cool hardware that I saw guys with but never had the money to buy it, so I learned how to build it.

In 2004 I built the first trophy buckle of my career and I haven’t looked back except to see how to better the products I build.  Quality above quantity is the most important aspect in my shop.  With that in mind I have taken my hobby into a full time position while still working a full time job as a welding shop foreman.


Without any formal training on how to become a silversmith I rely on my background in farming and ranching along with asking questions to anyone that is willing to help someone that is starting out is how I have gotten my start.  I always try and help others that have a problem or get stumped on a project that they are working on.  A fresh set of eyes always helps and if no one helps the younger generation coming up I’m afraid the art and the skills of silversmithing will be lost to the generic mass produced products found at any western wear store of feed store.  


2013 has to have been the best year of my career.  Starting with the TCAA Emerging artist contest in Mesa Arizona win in the silversmithing field win.  I was both excited and humbled with the win.  Then the win in the Art to wear Jewelry contest at the Western Design Conference win in Jackson Wyo. just kept me rolling through the year with a smile on my face.  To add to the awesome year an article on me was done in Western Horseman magazine and I couldn’t have been more pleased.

I don’t know what the future has in store for me but I welcome it with all its wonders.  I look forward to the people I meet and the places this will take me.

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