Ritch Rand: Origins

Every once in a while, we get a customer contacting us who wants something … “different.”  In their mind they see a hat that is totally theirs, totally about them. Of course it does what it supposed to do – fit and keep the weather off their face but the look of the hat. Its intrinsic style is all theirs.

And of course I tell them the truth, which is as unique as each customer is – not only in head size and shape but in personality – each hat we make is also unique. You can put the same hat on a half of dozen different people and it will look totally different on each one. And after forty plus years of doing this, Rand’s has built a lot of unique hats.

So I was very interested in Nevada’s idea for this year’s Fusion show. I have watched it over the last two shows at the ProAm, as Rand’s has been a legacy vendor there, and this should be a very creative showing. In addition, with our new partner’s - the Wickhorst family, it gives Rand’s a chance to build something that represents some new thinking about just what the hat making craft means and where it is going.

We are working on a hat that combines a very unique hat body, shaping, trim and 360 degree craftsmanship. 

Huge thank you to our sponsors Denim & Velvet Marketing and the following...