Trent Johnson: The Mad Hatter


The MAD HATTER, Trent L. Johnson
Everyone is personified in their own way, with individual qualities that separate us all from one another. So what's it like to have a job that’s purpose is to encapsulate that individual personality on a daily basis? Trent Johnson is the owner of Greeley Hat Works and he excels at that job, building custom cowboy hats for an array of clientele.


He is a designer with a wide field of designs and skills to which he fits these custom hats. From political icons like George W. Bush, Vladimir Putin, and Rudolph Giuliani to celebrities like The Band Perry, Aerosmith, Easton Corbin, Chris Janson, Granger Smith, Stoney LaRue, Craig Campbell, Toby Keith, Charlie Sheen, Red Steagall, Pink, and Lyle Lovett. Trent’s list of contacts is a Paparazzi’s dream.


Trent’s artistic qualities go much further than simply his work; he challenges the norms of a conservative and traditional cowboy way of life.  His pseudo-anarchist soul transcends from his day-to-day life to get people into some of the craziest and least conventional duds in the business.  Some would go so far as to say this rock star, in his own right, is leading the way on a REVOLUTION to bring fashion and funk to a whole new level in a landscape filled with norms and taboos.


Trent wears many hats, and rarely does he put in less than a 15-hour day.  The MAD HATTER is the definition of an entrepreneur, trend-setter, and move-and-shaker, but the most important things in his life are people.  His family, including his
three kids, take precedence; School activities, black-belt karate, music and concerts, and birds (yes, birds)from his everyday life infuse and inspire his profession.  Many of his close friends and customers would go so far as to feel that they are family, too.  Trent challenges the people in his life to constantly aspire for greatness and never accept the standard.

After all, the MAD HATTER is leading a movement.
Creator of HATisfaction™ and HATitude™


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